Hi and thanks for checking out my site, my name is Vas and I'm a Product Maker. My specialty lies in User Experience and Interaction Design; coming from a psychology background I have always been passionate about creating digital products that people will use and love to use. That being said real life experience comes from the startup world and been crafting digital products from start to end, conducting User Research, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing and Front-end Development in fast-paced environments. Apart from spending all my time on digital products I like to climb indoors, play tennis and read many many books, but they’re mainly about work so it doesn’t count, I’m amazed and fascinated about asian culture and art, I use music as a driving inspiration for the work I do and am a die hard fan of classic hip hop and alternative rock, weird mix right? But if you love product design and development, listen to A Tribe Called Quest and RHCP everyday and feel like having a coffee or collaborate on a project give me a ping!

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