Discovery & Research

In the first part of the process I conduct an extensive research of your company and your vision, of your target market and target users. This is to allow me to understand better what objectives your product is meant to accomplish and individuate the problems currently present in the general market situation and in your target users lives


Solutions Design

Based on the findings from the first step, a strategy is outlined to accomplish the goals set out in the most efficient way. This is probably the most exciting part of the process where new ideas are being brainstormed and sketched and viable solutions are being outlined in wireframes, user flows and journeys.



The solutions are made into a fully working prototype by using top of the range prototyping software to create an experience almost indistinguishable from the real thing.



The prototype is tested with target users to validate the solutions devised in 2nd stage, and collect further useful data, new pain points could arise from this step that will take us to stage 2 and repeat the process until the product is ready for development.



The prototype and solutions are translated into a patterns library and a fully-maintainable, elegant code that can run on every browser. The product is fully developed, tested and deployed.

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