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Coffee Go is an app that allows you to pre-order your favourite cup of java and pick up without having to queue. I started with Coffee Go in the summer of 2017 and worked on all aspects of Product Development from User & Market Research all the way to the development of the products.

User Research

The first step of the process was a very thorough User Research, firstly I started by interviewing the founder, coffee shop owners and industry professionals to help understand and draft a base user demographic, those users to which the app will be aimed at. The prospective user persona is a professional working in busy hubs and drinking take away coffee at least once a week.

Research Results

  • Users tend to queue approximately 15-20 minutes for coffee
  • Users prefer large chains to small independents for time efficiency
  • Users usually don't have enough time to wait in queue, resulting in them being late for work or having to organize themselves to leave the house earlier in order to get a coffee
  • Users are more and more interested in independent coffee shops

Competitive Analysis

  • Ordoo – Mainly based on food pre-ordering and pick up, app does not work seamlessly and does not have many shops onboard
  • Beat the Queue - the best similar app on the market at the moment, unavailable in the UK, user flow and functionality user-friendly, user is still requested to load money in the app in order to be able to order
  • Starbucks – the largest app on the market, many case studies have proved that users are still waiting in queue at the counter even when pre-ordering, app requests the user to load money in the app in order to be able to order.
  • DripApp – Most similar version to conceptual idea, app focused on creating a vision of coffee as a luxury item and also requested the user to load money in the app in order to be able to order. App failed when under-funding caused a server to crash and lock all users money in the cloud for an extended period of time.

Pain Points

  • Queuing in busy areas at peak times for coffee are approx. 20-25 minutes
  • Customers prefer independents but are attracted by large ‘fast coffee’ chains for their efficiency.
  • Many independent shops have a low profile branding and a lower advertising budget compared to larger chains, making them harder to discover
  • In existing coffee ordering apps, very often the mobile ordering customer still wait in queue instead of picking up their coffee and leaving.


  • With CG’s ordering function users will be available to order, pay and schedule their pick up.
  • With the ability to discover independent coffee shops, get their coffee quicker by ordering ahead and with our ‘Workflow’ App for Shops, users will be able to get high quality products at a faster speed.
  • With the app’s Discover section, users will be able to find hidden/hipster shops seamlessly.

User Journey


The concept has been put to paper in a few brainstorming sessions with the founder, the aim was to create a straight and seamless user flow with the coffee ordering as main function. During the sessions it arose that a map plug in could be an optimal way to enhance user experience and allow them to complete more tasks at once


The Sketches have then been translated from paper to digital and created a clickable, interactive prototype to facilitate user testing

Brand Identity





High Fidelity Mockups


Website Development

The commercial website for Coffee Go has been developed by using Gatsby static site generator and LESS for styling

Mobile App Development

The mobile app has been developed with React Native for both Android and iOS


The back-end of the app is hosted and runs on Firebase

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